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Three Phase Coulper

The main function of 3-phase coupler is to couple signals between the 277V AC mains and low voltage coupling circuit of power line carrier device. It can use to couple street light networks or to communicate with devices on other 3-phase power networks. If the signal is fed into 1 phase only, the phase coupler connects all 3 phases with each other so that these become permeable to the power line signal.

Integral coupling between phases boosts performance for devices that communicate between different phases. This coupler can support only C-band application in range 115-140 KHz (C-Band). Built in phase coupling between L1, L2 and L3 provides phase to phase coupling of power line carrier signals. Phase coupling provides a more reliable signal path between phases instead of relying on coupling through building wiring. This product is also a handy diagnostic tool for monitoring power line communications using spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes. You can connect the PLT+/PLT- terminals to the spectrum analyzer or the oscilloscope to view the power line communications waveforms.



  • Qualified 3-phase coupler for certain Echelon’s i.Lon and other PLC devices
  • Safety isolation between AC mains and PLT+/- terminals
  • Integrated phase coupling
  • Convenient DIN rail mounting


  • Communicating devices connected with different phases.
  • Diagnostic tool for Monitor power line carrier signals on an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer.
  • Attach the PLT+/- terminals to your test equipment to analyze noise sources, observe signal levels, and quickly diagnose communications/performance issues.


  • Operating/Storage Temperature : -20oC to 85oC
  • Voltage for L1 to N, L2 to N, or L3 to N : 0 to 305VAC
  • Voltage Drive PLT+ to PLT- (Max) : 10V P-P @ 115KHz to 140Khz
  • Humidity (operating) : 10 to 90% @ 50oC
  • Hi-Pot Test : 2500V RMS
  • Terminal Blocks- Wire gauge : 12 AWG- 24AWG
  • Dimensions : 53.30 x 90.2x 57.50mm
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