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Motion Sensor

A professional state-of-the-art power line based motion sensor engineered with the world's best components and materials. Every aspect of these sensors provides the most reliable motion sensing with freedom from false alarms with a complete range around 15 meters providing high sensitivity upto 6 meter and low sensitivity upto 15 meter distance.

The sensor includes two motion sensing systems: microwave Doppler motion sensing and DFIR motion sensing, with directional motion sensing to reject false alarms caused by swaying objects. Together, the two systems signals are evaluated by proprietary signal processing algorithms, which reject false alarm conditions while detecting intruders.Constant-motion signals (such as fans) are de-emphasized, and fluorescent light frequencies are digitally removed. The power line (based on ISO 14908 standard) interface allows for remote configuration and sensing of a motion alarm. Coupled with a control system, a sensor may be used create advanced algorithms for a number of applications to either save power or provide better security.


  • Two IR sensors
    • Dual Element
    • Quad Element
  • Look-down detection directly below the sensor to catch wall-creeping intruders
  • Flicker Rejection (50/60 Hz)
  • Motion Detection via power line
  • Selectable motion sensitivity (short walk and long walk) and Anti-sway functionality using Jumper for different environment
  • Adjustable Microwave range (20%-100%) and its sensitivity using jumper
  • Tamper Detection
  • IP 65 Construction
  • Smart server or any other network management tool can find that sensor is in alarm state or normal state and can also find number of times alarm state occurred since from the time sensor turned on. So it can take action based on predefined rules


  • Program Advanced Dimming and On/OffAlgorithms
    • Commercial/Industrial Lighting
    • Parking Garage
    • Street Lighting
  • Security Camera Activation

Optical Viewing Pattern

Optical View


  • Range : High sensitivity upto 6 meter and low sensitivity upto 15 meter from sensor-facing direction
  • Power Supply : 90V to 277V, 0.2A
  • Microwave Operating Frequency : Around 10 GHz
  • RF Immunity : 20 V/m 10-1000 MHz, 10 V/m 1000-2000 MHz
  • White-light Immunity : 25,000 lux
  • Environmental : -30oC to +55oC operation; IP65 Polycabonate housing
  • Storage : -40oC to +60oC
  • PL Chip : PL - 3120
  • PL Communication Protocol : ISO/IEC 14908 - 1
  • Dimensions : 240 x 115 x 185mm
  • Optical Field-of-view Count : Long Range - 88o , Mid Range - 38o , Short Range - 26o
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