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SLS is working towards a complete ecosystem of devices that address the needs of utilities as well as their customers.

Energy management systems facilitate in-house or remote access programming of appliances and machinery for start, stop and other operation modes with precision and accuracy. Real Time Energy Consumption report provide you a broad statistics on how the energy is being utilized by each device/appliance in the home.

One of the pioneering product is eCommander, Energy Management Controller using power line infrastructure and RF interface. eCommander is a 7" touch screen based device that communicates bi-directionally with the utility and customer while allowing for features such as demand response and dynamic pricing.

eCommander can be integrated with all the appliances in the home , industry, offices and you can control the appliances via mobile/tablet. eCommnader make your appliance more intelligent by using with it’s accessories such as Smart Plug, Smart Panel, WiFi RF Gateway, RF AC/DC Dimming Controller, Three phase coupler etc. The accessories allows easiness in controlling and monitoring energy usage of the appliances/device.

Along with Energy management system, SLS offers eco lighting solutions using LEDs. LEDs comes in small package with large throughput without consuming much energy and same light output as CFL and incandescent lights. Various LEDs products decorates your home, office or industry with most energy efficient lights which makes you smarter and standard living.

The solutions can be summarized as follows :
Smart Energy Manager


Smart PL Devices


PL Coupler


Smart PL Analyzer


Smart PL Sensors


Smart RF Devices


LED Products

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