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We (SLS) have combined the Smart Grid and technological advancements to help utility companies to provide better visibility in the energy bills and also giving them an opportunity for providing demand-response.
SLS is working towards a complete ecosystem of devices that address the needs of utilities as well as their customers.

how can we help?

One of the pioneering products is eCommander, an In Home Energy Management Controller. eCommander is a 7" touch screen based device that communicates bi-directionally with the utility and customer while allowing for features such as demand response and dynamic pricing.
Another product which inter operates with eCommander, SLS Smart Plug, provides consumers energy usage visibility and control of appliances.


Given below is the video of SLS eCommander and Echelon Smart Meter at Metering Show.


Other products such as WiFi thermostat and WiFi A/C control are currently under development. In addition to the hardware, SLS offers web based software solutions to manage deployment of eCommander devices.

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