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With the increase in the energy consuming devices, people are concerned about the control over the day to day energy consumption and reducing the bills. Along with the residents, the utility companies are also finding ways to manage energy they produce and communicate with the users on effective ways of managing their energy usage.

Energy Management and Control in Today's Homes has become a necessity now.
One can easily witness a number of examples where energy consumption is controlled by energy-aware individuals around. Knowingly or unknowingly, you could be one of the individuals contributing to the eco-friendly environment and controlling/managing your energy consumption. You might be using a eco-friendly product or might have chosen to install a energy saving electronic appliance at home or at work.

Intervention of technology in Energy Management
Intervention of technology in the energy management process could mean as simple as requiring that new computers, mobile phones, or video game consoles default to their energy-saving modes. (Some game consoles, in a default always-on mode, become energy hogs that use more electricity than the family refrigerator.) Helmut Edelmann, Ernst & Young Director, Global Power & Utilities says "Smart Technology puts unprecedented power in the hands of consumers to manage and control their energy use"
If people can monitor their home energy consumption, and how the price changes throughout the day, they will change their habits to save money.
Just by observing energy, you can save up to 15 to 20% on your energy bills, says Paresh Patel, President/CEO, System Level Solutions.
Under traditional business models, it made no more economic sense for utilities/energy companies to reduce the volume of product sold — kilowatt hours, or units of natural gas — than it made for makers of soft drinks or shampoo to sell less of their products.

But, looking at the current scenario, the energy companies need to re-invent!
A report by Ernst & Young (October 2011) says Energy Companies must reinvent themselves.
The introduction of smart technology in energy market has brought a number of utility companies to compete and thereby forcing the energy companies to change in order to sustain the relationship with their customers.
Edelmann concludes, "Smart technology puts unprecedented power in the hands of consumers to manage and control their energy use. In time, this will fundamentally shift the balance of utility customer relations. It seems the era of a one-way relationship — where a utility delivers energy to domestic consumers, end of story — is over, power and utility companies need to adapt and now".

energy management

Here is where SLS comes in the picture. SLS enables Energy Companies to join hands with technology and sustain the consumers by bringing the visibility, analysis and control over the energy consumed.

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