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Smart Plug

Product Code : LCMPLP16-M1

The Smart Plug is a smart device which allows you to monitor the energy usage and control the device remotely by making them a part of Home Area Network (HAN).

It connects to the existing power line and allows other devices to be connected to it which needs to be controlled remotely. It does not require any extra cables to connect the other device.


  1. Plug in easily to existing standard wall outlets
  2. Uncover approximate daily, weekly and monthly trends in your home electricity use
  3. Measure and manage the energy use of individual appliances
  4. Track electricity rates so you can lower your energy bill
  5. Wirelessly monitors your devices in real time

Smart Plug registered with the eCommander

step 1

Go to the homepage on eCommander

step 2

Touch the Menu icon, it will slide out the menu

step 3

Touch the Device Control icon in the menu. It will open Device Control Page.

step 4

Touch the Device Registration icon. It will show the Device Registration page. You will see list of information which helps to register Smart Plug with eCommander.

step 5

Touch the Start icon to start the device registration process will be displayed the instruction page. The time period for the registration process is 5 minutes. You can see the remaining time for the registration on the bottom of the page.
Note: You can restart the registration process at any time by touching the Restart icon.

step 6

Press the service pin switch provided on the smart plug on the left side.
Warning: Please press only one smart plug switch at a time.

step 7

On pressing the switch, you will see the message on the eCommander

step 8

Touch OK icon to confirm the device registration.

step 9

As soon as you touch the OK icon, it will ask to issue the service pin again to reconfirm.

step 10

On pressing the service pin again, you will see the device registration done successfully message.

step 11

Touch Finish icon to register another device. You will return back to Device Control page with currently registered Smart Plug device added in the list.

Deregister the Smart Plug

You can Deregister the device by selecting the device in the list and touching the edit icon. In the edit dialog box,touch the deregister button to deregister the device.

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1. Electrical

  • Input Voltage Range : 90 to 277 VAC +/- 10% - Single phase
  • Input Frequency : 50 or 60Hz
  • Power Line Communication Frequency : 110kHz to 138kHz for C-band
  • Maximum Output Load Current : Max 16 Amps

2. Processor

  • Memory : 4 Kbytes EEPROM, 2 Kbytes RAM, 24 Kbytes ROM
  • DC Voltage : 5V
  • Processor : Neuron Chips Family (designed by Echelon)

3. Mechanical

  • Power Plug : US/European
  • IP Rating : In-home use
  • Size (L x W x H – length, width, height) : 130 x 61.5 x 62.5 mm
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