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Lux Sensor

PL - Lux Sensor is a light sensor with powerline interface. It has a signed 15-bit resolution.This sensor is capable of rejecting 50Hz and 60Hz flicker caused by artificial light sources. The lux range select feature allows the user to program the lux range for optimized counts/lux.


  • Configurable Lux range (4 Ranges)
  • Human eye response (540nm peak sensitivity)
  • Temperature compensated
  • Signed 15-bit resolution


  • Street Light Network
  • Lighting Quality Monitoring
  • Ambient Based Lighting Control


Lux Installation

  • PL-Lux sensor can directly bind with smart server as well as segment controller.
  • As any changes noticed in light level in environment, PL-Lux sensor will generate an event to set light level of segment controller according to that change. And this event can also be send to smart server.
  • It measure the Lux level and it can also predict scene - number.


  • Operating Temperature : 0oC to 70oC
  • AC Supply Voltage : 90V to 277V, 0.2A
  • Lux Range : 0.5 Lux to 128000 Lux
  • PL Chip : PL - 3120
  • PL Communication Protocol : ISO/IEC 14908 - 1
  • Dimension : 145 x 91.4 x 55 mm
  • Approvals/Qualification : Pending
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