SLS Energy is constantly thinking about how to help customers reduce their energy usage and make it profitable at low cost. SLS Energy is making a step forward by introducing LED products. With the growing sophistication of LED technology, SLS Energy makes many breakthroughs in the LED Technology research and development. All these will play an irreplaceable role in promoting the development of global LED lighting.

Our LED range offers some undeniable breakthroughs in the field of (LED) lighting for the consumer market. The SLS LED lights boasts a light output that rivals well known conventional light sources such as standard 40W and 60W bulbs, while offering an operational life span of up to 50000 hrs. and energy savings of 80%. In addition, a large part of the SLS LED range is dimmable, adjustable to the desired scene.

Our LED lights incorporates LED Bulbs, Tube Lights, Ceiling Lights, Flood Lights...etc. Our Lighting Solutions are the first to combine the brightness of conventional lighting with the small footprint, long lifetime, high energy efficiency and energy saving features. We offer a quality light and reliable performance you can trust.

Standing at the forefront of today's global LED revolution, we have a world-class, environmentally responsible LED solutions and systems for signage, architectural, transportation, display lighting and general illumination applications. When compared to older, traditional lighting sources, our Lighting's robust LED technology enables huge energy savings and minimizes maintenance cost without any compromise on brightness.

LED Bulbs

These are powerful LED Bulb which runs on AC supply. As compared to the regular incandescent and CFL, this LED Bulb consume very less power, emit less heat and are highly durable while still giving a similar light output. They offer attractive payback periods. We are providing solution 5w, 7w, 9w and 12w.   See More...

Tube Lights 
T-8 1

LED Tube Light is an environment-friendly semiconductor lighting which possesses a number of advantages over the conventional ones such as no flashing, soft light and high color-rendering index. With general-standard design of the structure, LED tube can directly replace the conventional fluorescent tube light without any external driver or electric power, and can be widely used in common interior lighting places.   See More...

Flood Lights 

These AC driven LED Flood Lights produce powerful illumination and are power efficient replacement for halogen and MH lights. They are ideal for illumination in the shades, construction sites, hoarding boards etc.It offers Instant start, No flicker, No noise.   See More...

Ceiling Lights 

Ceiling Light can not only light up your whole room – they are a great way to show off your style, too. We have a wide selection to help you fit your space, style and lighting needs.   See More...

Remote Controlled RF Bulb 

Regular light bulb tends to come in one brightness level. But now RF LED bulb promise to become any brightness at any time you like. And best of all, they can be controlled by the remote.   See More...

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